Materials Manager

Telcom Construction Management experience required.

If you have experience installing or integrating Ericsson equipment and are looking for an opportunity to get out of the field to work from home and utilize your integration and material experience in a new way, establish your own schedule with minimal over-site, working with a materials team with a goal of 100% accuracy, this is the perfect opportunity.

LEAF Communications is seeking an experienced Materials Manager to manage the Bill of Material ordering and shipping process for T-Mobile in Southern California. 

As the TMO Materials Manager, you will manage the material procurement process and returned material process for T-Mobile in the Southern California market. The Material Manager will be responsible for overseeing the material ordering/material return process through the bidding, construction, quality control and testing, and the close out phases of all the affected communication equipment upgrades associated with the project being managed.

Material Manager Responsibilities:

  • Order the Bill of Materials (BOMs) for T-Mobile sites targeted by T-Mobile for modification.
  • Mange material deliveries by informing GCs when materials are ready to be received
  • Track material shipments throughout the procurement process, so contractors can accurately schedule construction start times and days
  • Handle additional supplemental orders for each site as required
  • Place orders for damaged equipment
  • Create the BOMs from scratch based on reviewing the following documents:
    • Construction Drawings
    • T-Mobile Radio Frequency Data Sheets (RFDS)
    • Preconstruction walk reports from Leaf CMs and General Contractor CMs
  • Handle all material related inquires by T-Mobile employees and general contractors
  • Use T-Mobile’s various ordering programs to ensure timely ordering of material needed for successful construction modification completion
  • Request and manage any changes needed to the RFDS or construction start date in order to ensure an accurate BOM is ordered

Job Experience Requirements

Material Manager Requirements:

  • 1-3 years of directly related material ordering experience for T-Mobile using T-Mobiles various ordering software programs:
    • BAT and
    • AIMs and/or
    • AIMS Plus
    • WMS
  • Candidate will have experience creating BOMs and ordering material for the following types of project upgrades for T-Mobile MACRO sites:
  • Anchor and/or
  • L-600 and/or
  • L-700 and/or
  • L-1900 and/or
  • L-2100 and/or
  • AAS
  • 1-3 years of experience installing Telecommunications equipment on the aforementioned T-Mobile site types a plus